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 exp narrative
 Canada / 2003 / 93 mins
 35 mm
SPOOK is based on the chilling true story of a Canadian who operated as a CIA sniper during the Vietnam War, and his personal mission to expose Canada's covert involvement in Vietnam, and the over 40,000 Canadians who secretly served there.

Principle Cast
Barry Levy as Kick
Rachel Cronin as Kelly
Peter LaCroix as Dusty
Steve DaCruz as Hollywood
Jay Brazeau as The Big Boss
Malcolm Stewart as The Editor
Laara Sadiq as Barb
Kim Le as The Vietnamese Girl
Bill Croft as Company Man I
Garvin Cross as Company Man II

Barry Levy

Victor Khong

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WINNER Best Dramatic Feature, International DV Awards
WINNER Best Feature Film, Cinevue Int. Film Festival
WINNER Best Feature Film, deadCenter Film Festival, Oklahoma
WINNER Best Foreign Feature Film, Bare Bones Int. Film Festival
WINNER Best Actor, Barry Levy, Bare Bones Int. Film Festival
NOMINATED Best Soundtrack, Bare Bones Int. Film Festival
WINNER 2003 Grand Goldie Film Award
WINNER Chicago Indifest, Grand Jury Award-The Vision Award
The Award of Excellence, The Berkeley Video and Film Festival


  Spook - A Political Thriller with a Supernatural Twist

Spook follows the struggle of ‘Kick’, a haunted Canadian veteran of The Vietnam War. While over 40,000 Americans came to Canada to escape the draft, Kick and tens of thousands of Canadians quietly crossed the border into America and volunteered to fight in Vietnam.

Now over 10 years since his return from the war, Kick has a new mission. He will expose the explosive secret of Canada's covert involvement in the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, Kick is ill equipped for the job. He looks and sounds like a crazed vet with a far out conspiracy theory.

Then Kick meets Kelly, (Rachel Cronin from the TV series ‘Ed’,) an attractive young journalist with the local newspaper, who is quietly investigating the same mystery, but for her own personal reasons. They clash, but ultimately set out to complete their common mission. Kick has contacts who feed him classified information, but other parties surface to make sure the story never sees daylight.

As Kick and Kelly fall deeper and deeper into a dark web of intrigue, double cross, and murder, they also fall for each other. ‘Spook’ is based on true historical events, as told by a Canadian Vietnam Vet, who must remain anonymous for his own safety.

Ghost story - Love story - Conspiracy theory

Spook, is a secret that is dying to be told.

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