The Film Source Collection
Romantic Comedy
USA / 2004 / 85 mins
DV / 35 mm


Edward Jordon and Donald Farmer

Edward Jordon

Principal Cast
Skye Aubrey
Jamey Schrick
J.R. Jones
Trish Dempsey

Executive Producer:
Donald Farmer, Stratosphere Entertainment LLC

Skye Aubrey, Gary C. Booth,
John W. Drackett, Edward Jordon

Director of Photography:
Mahesh T. Patel

Editor and Digital Compositor:
Jason S. Blanchard

Assistant Director:
Keith Jackson

2nd Unit Director:
Darren Bixler

Script Supervisor:
Barbara Bell

Associate Producer:
Melissa Drotar

Costume Designer:
Anthony Figueroa

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RELASE DATE, DVD, USA CANAD - October 24th 2005

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   Watch The Trailer (7MB)




That’s exactly what the passengers on a rinky dink Hollywood tour bus ask when their Indian driver, “Bhuvan Bannerji” (JAMEY SCHRICK), pulls up in front of Delilah’s house.

Reclusive scream queen “Delilah Leigh” (SKYE AUBREY) hasn’t made a movie in over twenty-five years. Still, to young, naive “Bhuvan,” she’s every bit the star…so much so that he makes daily stops in hopes of catching a glimpse of her. Finally, after weeks of hiding, “Delilah” makes a grand entrance onto her porch and blows kisses to “Bhuvan’s” yawning busload. But “Bhuvan” is convinced that her kisses are meant for him and no one else.

A wannabe filmmaker with aspirations of working in India’s Tinseltown, Bollywood, “Bhuvan” is so love struck that he writes a comeback vehicle for “Delilah” called “The Great Lady,” a tribute to all those campy horror movies of the 1960s that reheated the careers of such veteran divas as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

In grand “Sunset Boulevard” style, “Delilah” - and her frumpy assistant, “Delia” - soon take the fledgling writer under their wings. But these “Great Ladies” aren’t exactly who they say they are. “Delia” is actually “Delilah” and “Delilah” is actually “Delilah’s” cross-dressing son, “Devin” (J.R. JONES)!

Confused? So is “Bhuvan!” And by the time the little charade is discovered, “Devin” has fallen head-over-high heels for “Bhuvan.” BUT WAIT! THAT’S JUST THE BEGINNING!!! These star-crossed dudes are in for one surprise after the next, because “Bhuvan Bannerji” has stopped his bus at the most romantic cross street in Hollywood...




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