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"Spook" a new supernatural thriller with a most relevant political Twist- was
Acquired by The Film Source, for its exclusive representation, in the whole world, and all media.

Written, Produced, and Directed by Barry Levy, "Spook" is based on the chilling true story of a former C.I.A. sniper - uncovering the dark secret of Canada’s covert involvement in the Vietnam War, where over 40,000 Canadians served, secretly.

"Spook" follows the struggle of ‘Kick’, a haunted Canadian war-veteran, who volunteered to serve in the American army, when tens of thousands Americans (among them president-to-be Bill Clinton) fled to Canada, to escape the draft - 'Kick' joined tens of thousands of Canadians, who crossed the border into America to fight the American War, in Vietnam. After 10 years since returning home, 'Kick' took on himself, a new mission: To expose the explosive secret of Canada's covert-involvement in the Vietnam War.- But, he is ill equipped for the job, looks and sounds like a crazed vet with a far-out conspiracy theory.

When 'Kick' meets Kelly (Rachel Cronin from the TV series ‘Ed’), an attractive young journalist with the local newspaper, who is quietly investigating the same mystery, but for her own personal reasons - they clash, but ultimately set out to complete their common mission. Kick has contacts who feed him classified information, but other parties' surface to make sure the story never sees daylight. As 'Kick' and Kelly fall deeper and deeper into a dark web of intrigue, double cross, and murder - They also fall for each other.

‘Spook’ which is based on true events, as told by a Canadian Vietnam Vet, who must remain anonymous for his own safety. "It is A Ghost story , Love story, Conspiracy theory - A secret that is dying to be told", said Alex
Massis, who launched an acquisition-drive, to put together a new line of independently-produced quality-films, side by side, with The Film Source Collection of Classic, Cult and Re-Issued favorite "oldies". The new line,
List, so far: "Duke House", semi-documentary of Duke Wellington life and music; "Life Is Life", Premiered at the Montreal and Chicago Festivals 2003 and two more American new motion pictures, to be announced, prior to the forthcoming Cannes Festival, next month.

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Duke House
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